Mar 27, 2014
moonkingdomify (All reviews)
Dear God. This was amazing. It's one step up from the second season of Black Lagoon, Bringing Black Lagoon to the top of my favorite anime list. Now lets get into this review. There will be a few spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

The bad. I loved Roberta's character, though one thing bothered me. She shoots her sniper rifles one handed and side ways (I loved that aspect), she can survive nearly 20 RPGs shot directly at her, hitting her (Again, that was cool), and she comes out without even a scratch on her. But she doesn't get out of a jungle, where she has the advantage, without loosing a few fingers on one hand, and a whole hand on the other arm. I get that it might be a metaphor for her falling apart and turning to insanity. But still, she has gone through so much more without getting even a scratch. I've noticed that the simplest things tend to harm her the most, such as Revy's fists in a fair fist fight, or lower caliber guns in a jungle setting. I also felt that this OVA would have been better as a full length, 2 hour and 30 minute long, movie rather than an OVA.

Now onto the good. Well, first is Roberta's character in this one. I love the haunting voice that she pulls out when she wants to scare her victims shitless, she has made it onto might top ten Femme fetale list, and my top then most terrifying anime characters list, hell, most terrifying fiction characters list. Right below Hannibal Lector. The fact that she is smart enough to use her body to trick her opponent and using a belt buckle gun as a weapon was genius. She also so damn badass, who else shoots 50 caliber sniper rifles one handed, who else can punch chainsaws and completely destroy them, who else can punch through somebodies skull (Other than Mike Tyson). Well, moving away from my rave on Roberta, I also want to mention the soundtrack, there was only an edited version of the original opening for the opening credits, but the edits did suit this OVA. Then using that military marching songs at the end made it feel like a war was being fought. The art was amazing like always, the character development was amazing with all the characters, and the story of this arc was amazing.

Final Verdict:
Watch the second season first as they reference the final arc of the second season quite a bit and it would be confusing other wise. But the creators of Black Lagoon keep on bringing out better and better seasons.