Mar 25, 2014
brashieel (All reviews)
This was a strange bit of 80s nostalgia for me.

As another review noted, this feels like it was intended as a pilot movie for a magical girl series that was never made. The main character, animal companion, and sidekick are all introduced. The setting is established, and then they have a short adventure. Afterwards the main girl returns to Earth, but they make a point of saying that she can come back. An open ending that was never followed up on.

That said, while the characters, music, and plot are all bog standard 80s OVA anime, the art itself is very distinctive. This is a trippy anime to watch, with surreal landscapes, dream sequences, bizarre animals, and most anything else the artists thought might be fun to try.

It's not a great OVA, but the art design makes it stand out to an extent.