Mar 19, 2014
chad1102 (All reviews)
I really liked the relaxing video and enjoyed the sad, heart touching music as memories of the anime unfolded as still frames in my mind, prompted by the changing of backgrounds and clothes of Misaki.

I did enjoy the video, and it was entertaining, very heart touching, but a little slow.

I'll start with the art because I gave it the lowest score.
The art style was very adorable, and drew Misaki Mei is a much cuter light than her normally serious self but was not anything special or impressive.

I really liked how the story of the video progressed in the same was as the anime. The clothes that Misaki Mei wore were related to how the episodes passed in the anime. I thought it was a clever way of playing the song lyrics to the changing of the character Misaki Mei.

The music itself was very smooth and relaxing, which is a nice change from the high intensity of the anime. The lyrics on the other hand were very sad and seemed so lonely. The final lyrics were very heart warming especially because they were paired with the final scene from the anime where Misaki and Sakakibara walk down the hill together.

I really like how the video followed the character of Misaki Mei, drawing her very cute, and following her as she was in the anime, at least clothes wise.