Mar 18, 2014
Silent_Vizard (All reviews)
Satsugai Satsugai !!
Alright first of all i need to mention that if you strictly reject Metal music, or have a hard time tolerating dark humor then you might not want to watch this OVA .
The story is about a young country boy, Negishi that decides to go Tokyo to make the music he's always dreamed of making which is basically romantic/relaxing guitar melodies, but ends up being the Vocalist and lead guitarist of the upcoming death-metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC). This series truly cracked me up, and got me excited with one of the best Opening themes I've ever heard. There's also a lot of awkwardly funny events involving sexual harass, a little bit of nudity and some mosh-pit related over-excitement so to speak :P . Negishi is a shy boy by nature, but as tends to reveal his "Demon King " side when he his provoked and that's how the funny scenes unfold .
The story isn't something amazingly stunning, but it's very funny and i think the music is definitely one of a kind . I'd say it's satisfactory for my humble metal taste at least .
Finally i want to mention that if you decide to watch this, don't be too serious watching it. It's extremely awkward, but that's what makes DMC . Also be prepared for "Rape " scenes . Don't worry it's not hentai xD

" Krauser's "Ten Rapes a Second", anyone? "

\m/ Hope you found this helpful . Have a good day . \m/