Mar 14, 2014
xSweettreatx (All reviews)
This manga is in a class of its own. It is INCREDIBLY unique, entertaining, and empowering. Basically, this manga is one of those that will leave you feeling a little more kick-ass. The main character, En, is transferred to a prestigious all-girls school after getting expelled from her previous school for getting into too many fights. Now, this manga is not one of those mangas about a delinquent, it's more a girl who has a feisty personality and is sometimes misunderstood, which gets her into trouble. The school she transfers to has a twisted form of hierarchy in which there is a secret organization of people who control everything that goes on in the school, and punish those who don't follow their orders. En immediately finds herself feeling left out, as she is unable to get along with the primp and proper young ladies who are her classmates. With her personality that stands out like a sore thumb, she becomes close to other girls who don't see anything wrong with sticking up for themselves, approaching boys, and who have strong personalities. She even meets a boy from the all-boys school down the hill, who carries some secrets of his own. I definitely recommend this manga if you love good plot and character development, and a storyline that isn't predictable or common. 10/10