Mar 28, 2009
setvenx (All reviews)
Im going to start off on a bad note because i feel that this mini series lacked a plot and has a pathetic excuse for one. HOWEVER this anime wasnt particularly bad unless you actually found the plot interesting(like i did) only to be disappointed that it was just to make the synopsis look pretty.

The one thing i did enjoy the most were the characters. Each character of the ikaruga household were unique and was interesting to watch the character development of each individual in the earlier episodes. A definite reason as to why i continued to watch this anime...

The comedy wasnt all as good as it should be considering this story had little plot and a rushed climax. The "accidental" breast groping incidents were just not funny after the first and second time and the material was recycled countless times making this series not as enjoyable as it should have been. Overall it was average.