Mar 10, 2014
WatcherOfWorlds (All reviews)
Kaidan Restaurant is apparently based on a series of children's books; naturally one would expect its story to be simplistic and its characters to be one-dimensional. Neither is entirely untrue, however surprisingly these apparent shortcomings do not detract from the enjoyment this show provides.

The series lacks a definitive overarching plot and rather consists of an anthology of horror stories centered around a group of school children and the town they live in. The stories are presented by the manager of the Kaidan restaurant to the viewers. They may be experienced or narrated by the protagonists. Though almost none of these stories are genuinely frightening, they do have their slightly unnerving moments; some even border on the emotional rather than the supernatural.Also the inclusion of several folktales and traditional ghost stories not only from Japan but from around the globe, makes for a delectable recipe.

Not having seen the live-action movie that followed the anime, I do not know if the story continues or not; but I would like to know more about the Ghastly Garcon and his connection to Ako, which was hinted at in the last episode.

Overall a delightful series which may be far from perfect, but serves its purpose decently and provides a welcome relief from continuously watching serious plot-heavy stories in anime.

Score :7/10


P.S. I absolutely loved the ending theme song, LOST BOY.