Mar 2, 2014
Rice (All reviews)
Story (3/10): Oh god. People praise this as one of- No. THE best shounen anime out there. HAHAHAHAHAHA, no way dude. I swear, the writers follow a step by step process on a poster hung up in their office when creating this. This is what the poster reads: 1. Fairy Tail is aware of some evil people. 2. The regular Natsu, Lucy, and Happy group, sometimes with Gray and Erza, set out for adventure and to beat the bad people. 3. They find the bad dudes, and these bad dudes are seriously bad dudes. 5. A guild member (usually Lucy) is put in danger 5. Natsu attempts to fight them but they are far too strong. 6. Cue flashback/motivational speech about friendship. 7. This will then summon this random "will power" within Natsu. 8. Natsu beats the seriously bad dudes that are way OP for him and shouldn't be able to beat. 9. Celebration and breathing. 10. Back to the guild for absolute shite humour consisting of Juvia loving Gray, Gray taking his clothes off, Erza hurting people, Natsu destroying crap or eating, Lucy is making stupid faces because of what the guild members are doing, and brown hair girl is drinking. 11. Return to step 1 for the beginning of a new arc.

Art (6/10): My only complaint is the magic. I feel like is could be much better quality. Like, Natsu's flames looked like fire animations you'd pick up on Clipart or something. Apart from that, I suppose the art was pretty solid. Y'know, not outstanding, but just average.

Sound (6/10): Asides the less than average sound effects that is to be expected in all lengthy shounen, everything was pretty sweet. Fairy Tail had a nice OST, good OP's/ED's, and decent voice acting.

Characters (3/10): Of the 141 episodes I watched, every character did not change one bit. Even after that, however long timeskip it was, nobody changed. Except for their appearance I suppose. The villains, the villains, the villans... They are so awfully cliché, I want to vomit. Think of the most generic super villain you can think of. Done? Alright. Yeah, he/she's in this. People just trying to destroy the world, or cover it in darkness, etc etc etc. Pathetic. Now if we move onto Natsu, I have a complaint. Tell me how he could defeat all of these villains. They were over powered to the max... Like at that crystal joint (tower to heaven or something of the likes?), that guy was WAY out of his league, but no. All he had to do was have thoughts of Erza, and he's gold. I can't remember what he did, but I think he merged with the crystals? Either way, it's a last minute power up and that sort of crap ruins series. There are a lot more examples, but my memory is so bad (I'm editing this 5 months after I wrote the review, and even longer after I dropped it).

Enjoyment (2/10): I enjoyed it for a long time while I was still in my newborn anime diapers. I'm pretty sure this was my 4th or 5th anime ever. So obviously, I had no real taste, and sort of just watched and liked whatever I watched. But now that I've been watching anime for a while now, I see that this series is just crap. One hundred and seventy something episodes of pure repetition, garbage humour, and cliché villains.

Overall (3/10): Definitely not the best shounen anime. In fact. The worst (very close worst next to Bleach). I've watched every episode and read every chapter so far of One Piece, and Fairy Tail doesn't hold a match to One Piece. Of the 650+ episodes of One Piece I've seen, there has been, yes, MC's beating over powered characters, friendship flashbacks for random "will power" etc. But the level of repetitiveness is FAR less noticeable in One Piece. I'm not saying OP's a masterpiece, but it's definitely light years beyond Fairy Tail in terms of "the best shounen to date".

And then I watched Hunter X Hunter.