Mar 24, 2009
oOoOoOo (All reviews)
This is essentially a standalone episode of "Rurouni Kenshin" stretched to a running time that this story does not support. Yes, another tale of disgruntled veterans of the violent Meiji Restoration, coming back for blood! Such concepts work in the series (see the second arc) because of well-developed characters. Even the most simple plot idea can be made epic by a cast we care about! Almost all of my enjoyment for this movie was derived from my existing fangirl obsession for everything Ruroken. When viewed as part of the larger Ruroken story, this movie is certainly good for an afternoon of enjoyment, but that's it. Romantic tension and Kenshin's internal struggle are two things, for example, that shone in the series, due to the large episode count and the time spent on developing these ideas. But, uh, I'm completely repeating myself!

My verdict is simple. If you're never seen any Rurouni Kenshin, please stop now and go watch the OVAs and the series. But, if you've already proved yourself to be uttered devoted to our cross-marked ex-assassin, then you must watch this to satiate your addiction, you sick little otaku. ^_~x