Mar 1, 2014
OnePieceGr8ness (All reviews)
One Piece is The Greatest Shonen Anime/Manga of all time.

It features a grand adventure full of colourful and developed characters, each with their own unique goals and dreams. The narrative is extremely well-paced and intriguing with great writing and presentation; the Animation and Music are both incredibly top-notch. They give each Arc/Location it's own style of atmosphere which makes the series very innovative. This coincides with the genius storytelling that balances badass action scenes and hilarious comedic moments. One Piece is also a very memorable show with gorgeous imagery and designs. An example of this brilliance is in the backstory for the Punk Hazard Arc where a character with a Fire-type ability battles an Ice-type character for a long time in one location, an island. This results in a contrast of settings and characters because half the island is covered in Ice while the other half is engulfed by Fire, so different variations and ideas are explored in just one Arc!

Finally, the series just knows how to have fun and not be overly-dramatic like many other Animes. This in turn, makes the few brilliant dramatic episodes all the more impactful!

One Piece is a True Classic.