Feb 28, 2014
minechin (All reviews)
I finished the whole series in just a shorter amount of time than I had expected it to. Yes, this is that good, and I feel that I had to write a review when I am done reading it.

First off, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is absolutely one of the most beautiful mangas I have ever read! This is one of those mangas that is so heart warming and relateable. You can feel as though you can understand the thoughts and feelings of the characters. I liked how the story was not only focused on the love story between the two main leads. This series is so much more than a shoujo manga, it also deals with learning about life, valuing friendship, overcoming challenges and finding your own identity. This is how high school life and romance should be written, since it has utterly captured the beauty and the struggles of it. The character development was brilliant and every single one of them was my favourite. The art was also amazing and it kept on getting better with each volume. The final volume was really special, and I just loved how it ended so perfectly that I would not have preferred a better and more touching ending than this.

Like all the stories I have finished reading, I am quite sad that this series has to end. It was great, fun and unique in its own way. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of it. I could have wished for more chapters since I want to see more of it. Oh, and the anime was awesome as well! :) I am definitely going to miss Mitty and Haru-chan!