Feb 27, 2014
xbobx (All reviews)
"Woaah, what an amazing preview! When will it air?"
"Dude, it won't... that was a 2min one-shot."

Probably the most common reaction after watching these commercial cuts, and certainly the utter sadness for Shinkai fans.
Those who are already familiar with his projects, might have notice that from times to times companies from all kind of services come and asks him for short movies that will be used as commercials. All these movies have a optimistic and uplift forward-thinking look to them, caring some kind of moral or sense of ethics.

In this case, this could easily fit as a preview for a cute boy-meets-girl slice of life anime, character driven, one of those series that develop into a deeper drama/romance. Even though this is just speculation, it's awesome to see how a short commercial was able to incite all these thoughts, when it's main focus is to sell things not make you ...feel.
Well, that's Japan for you.
Not just thoughts though. As a classic Shinkai production, some might feel also emotional affected by these short movies. Mainly because it shows situations many of us can relate and sure have gone through something similar in the past.

Besides from Shinkai, for this one-shot we also have Masayoshi Tanaka (AnoHana, Kannagi, Mushishi, Toradora!) and Yuu Yamashita (Azumanga, Bleach, InuYasha, Usagi Drop) for the Key animation and character design, and Ayane Sakura (Love Lab, BokuwaTomodachi, Endymion -Index, Joshiraku) for Miho's voice.

While we wait for another cinematic production from Shinkai-san, watching these short stories is a great way to unwind and refresh your artistic masterpieces battery.

-As for the standard MAL rankings, there's no use in further digressing about them.
Story: 6/10 - Art: 8/10 - Sound: 8/10 - Character: 6/10 - Enjoyment: 9/10
Character and story gets an 6 due to the lack of development, obviously.
Artwork and sound 8 for the astonishment they always are.
And enjoyment sure is a 9, even though it only lasted 119 seconds.