Feb 26, 2014
Animaniablog (All reviews)
First let me disappoint most of you who only saw the trailer without any prior knowledge. The trailer is the whole series, this was just a commercial campaign by "Z-Kai". Granted with huge names like a Makoto Shinkai and Masayoshi Tanaka it is a bit disappointing that we only get 119 seconds of amazement and joy.

I put the story 6/10 only because it's essentially a commercial and not a story at all, if this project were to be adapted to a full blown storyline I think it could have a lot of potential, but alas this is all we have.

Per Shinkai's other work (Garden of Words,Children with lost voices, etc...) the art work is simply amazing. It's almost worth the two minutes of your life just to be blown away by how amazing the art work is.

I won't comment on the sound too much because of how short this work is and because the art work demands most of your attention most probably won't notice the sound unless watched again.

The characters seem to have a lot of potential, of course we only get to see a glimpse into their lives, but they're so intriguing that I am legitimately sad that "Cross Road" isn't an actual full scale series. My enjoyment was 9.5/10 (only because it's so short *cries*) but I highly recommend everyone watch this. If only we had commercials like this is the States!