Feb 25, 2014
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"There is something you can’t give up. There is something you want to protect. There is a time you must take a stand no matter what kind of pain awaits us. The man in the red coat took up his gun once again, in order to stop the sadness, in order to stop the hate. I keep the word of the red geranium which I was taught so long ago. I keep the courage and determination, deep in my heart. "
Well, I've been living for 20 years so WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN THIS BEFORE !
alright people this series just puts a spontaneous smile on my face, because it pretty much has it all. Vash the stampede , who is this man , or rather WHAT is this man . You are introduced to a simple , peace-loving , somewhat clumsy Vash the stampede, a Well-known " Criminal ". As a sequence of events follow, the series gets a bit darker, still having it's moments of occasional humor .
Meryl, Milly and Wolfwood . These characters and the way they've all interacted with each other and Vash, Friendship, humor, love, action; it's all there. Further more, there are other characters like Legato and Knives who seem to enjoy the suffering of Vash as he faces his ultimate fear, the death of people around him. Who are these people ?
One last remarkable character is Ren, a sacred part of Vash's past which he seems to be overly-attached to.
In addition i absolutely love the character design. This is a 1998 anime, it has that bebop feel, the jazzy influence, that Rock 'n' roll excitement at some occasions. The music just hits the spot !
Most importantly the theme or rather the purpose of this anime is the true message it conveys. A true treasure that humanity has failed to seize even up till now. Life is our treasure as humans, and mistakes are made for us to learn from them and fix our pasts, ultimately paving the way for a better future. I found this anime brilliant because it displays this simple message in such a brilliant way, and Vash is truly a lovable MC .

"Knives: You're not a human being. You're a plant.
Vash: I know that.
Knives: You're a superior being.
Vash: I disagree."

Remember Kids...Love & Peace, Love & Peace !!!!