Mar 21, 2009
Basilisk is a Seinen, Action, Romance filled with sword fighting, ninja skills and psychological battles enough to satisfy Samurai fans out there.

Basilisk reminds me of the Shakespearian classical tragedy Romeo and Juliet, two people from two rivalled clans falling in love. The two intended to marry to stop the fues between their groups and create peace but in certain circumstances, greed for power, the thirst for blood and drive for vengeance can't be stopped as such thruce can't wipe away hatred. Thus starts the war between these groups.

The manga design including character, background and battle scene was somewhat appreciated by seinen readers, dark, bloody and a few nudity.

Diffinition of each character is more on their ninjutsu (ninja ability). But as I said before the story is similar to the Romeo and Juliet and even the characters are in one way or another, alike:

Romeo - Ginunsuke
Juliet - Oboro

Kouga Group - Montague
Iga Group - Capulet

This manga feeds readers with bunch of ninja actions, well defined battle scenes and tactics. Though the romance was somehow a bit of a cliche but can catch few tragedy fans.

Overall, this is a worth read taking a 7.5 for me.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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