Nov 18, 2007
JackCox (All reviews)
Yes, I understand I'm again writing a very excellent review from this one, I did dock it one for art because there were some slight animation issues in some parts of the show. But really I did enjoy this show.

First of all, if you are a mecha fan, you may be sorely dissapointed with this show, it has much more of a mystery feel to it and the Mecha fights may not be to your liking.

However, if your not a hard-core mecha fan like me but can appreciate the art-form of Mecha, you will likely enjoy this.

The main reason I love this show was because of it's fantastic mysteries and it's fantastic characters. I love all the characters in this show, because they are somewhat unique in their own ways. Characters like Schwarzwald who to many people appears to be evil actually is trying to good. While people like Alan Gabriel are completely insane and the main Villain Alex Rosewater has a superiority complex.

Again I gave this a 10 almost across the board, because It's my opinion on the series. I felt it was a well told story.