Mar 20, 2009
Mod Edit: This review was original posted for Rome Rome and has subsequently been merged into Zombie no Hoshi.

Zombies. They're everywhere. Shuffling around with slack-jawed gazes looking into nowhere. If your house were surrounded by them, and you were written and drawn by a guy who has the same kind of humour and penchant for gore as filmmaker Takashi Miike, just what would you get up to?

Would you treat them like a pesky nuisance of the same level as lazy cows? Walking around and over them to get your laundry which the wind blew away? Play football among them to showcase your awesome skills? Have a drink with them because your wife's too much of a hag?

The art is packed with irreverent humour, there are zombies shuffling around in the background all throughout. The characters all look like they were the product of a yakuza and a back-alley whore, in a word: not so pretty looking and with gigantic attitude stamped on their faces.

The manga rolls from one small incident to another, with the haggy mom as the centrepiece sorting out one bothersome chore to another, and it all culminates in a bigger incident that will have you holding your breath in suspense, only to reveal a hilarious and totally random revelation.

Short, funny, violent, educational.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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