Mar 16, 2009
morningblue (All reviews)
Do the people at Hal Film Maker just throw a dart on a dartboard of eechi comedies to make anime out of? First Dokuro-chan and now this.

Kemeko DX is another in a long string of "comedies" as of late that try to combine several different genres of anime into one in an attempt to be funny. You have gun fights, fan service, parodies, a girl with a giant sword, maids and even some sci-fi undertones as well. Unfortunately, the series pulls none of this off at all. It has good art, aaaaannnnndddd that's about it.

Part of the reason is because the cast is so uniformly unlikable and stereotypical. Sanpieta is a wimp, Kemeko's actions border on the psychotic, Izumi's the lame "childhood friend" with big breasts, Misaki is the obligatory perverted girl, and Ryouko the aforementioned girl with the big sword. Sanpieta also has an annoying little sister who mouths off at him every opportunity she can, with her mother being an unfunny knockoff of Mama from Kodocha. I wonder how many minutes the original manga creator spend thinking of this cast of characters!

As if that wasn't enough, the series' plot is so misguided I thought I was watching the episodes out of order like with Haruhi when I watched the fansubs. Nothing's explained until the final episode, and even then the show has the audacity to thrown in a new character in the series' final moments. It could've (and should've) been plotless: at least then my intelligence wouldn't have been insulted.

Even the audio is weak. The voice acting is atrocious and the both the opening and ending themes blow. In fact, the latter is one of the worst ending themes I've ever heard in any show, let alone anime. (In case you're curious what it is, it's a trio of those ugly-as-sin Kemeko robots dancing while a "dancing exercise" video plays, where Chiwa Satou squeaks out random usages of the words "gorgeous" and "sexy", neither of which describes Kemeko at all.)

Kemeko DX is a bad show, but even bad shows can be funny. Here, the humor might be funny if it wasn't so mean-spirited. For example, episode 7 has Kemeko chasing Sanpieta with a running chainsaw in an attempt to get him to exercise. Another has him almost getting killed by Misaki's sister, mistaking the boy for an intruder. Then she acts like nothing happened later! Oh, and don't forget the numerous times his "friends" beat him up or smack him for being a pervert / cheating on his "girlfriend" Kemeko.

That's just it, though. The biggest problem with Kemeko DX is, well, Kemeko herself. She's obnoxious, selfish, mean, ugly, and just plain insane. If the show made her wild outbursts funny or treated her with some sort of humility, she might've been a fun character. But no. Instead, she's the most obnoxious robot I've seen in an anime since the Ropponmatsu androids in Excel Saga. And like them, this robot, as well as this anime, needs to be scrapped. For good.