Mar 16, 2009
Sapphire86 (All reviews)
Dear Boys focuses on the main characters and their emotions encompassed around the game of basketball. Hints of comedy and romance are noticed through out the anime. Watching this anime made me realize and appreciate how much more there is to basketball and in fact any team sport in terms of tactics, team spirit and abilities and a mere win or loss in a competition is the end result (though not necessarily a reflection of) after a long journey of physical and emotional challenge within the players.

The characters are well developed and each serves their purpose within the story. The animation though was a let down but after a while you get a hang of it and end up so engulfed in the plot-line helped with intense background music that complaining about the animation takes a back seat.

Dear Boys is an inspirational anime on the trials and tribulations of the sports world; expect a lot of hard work and sweat as winning is never easy but so worth it in the end!