Feb 12, 2014
Heralder (All reviews)
Scrapped Princess is 24 episodes long show produced by Studio Bones and aired in year 2003.

Story of Scrapped Princess follows the life of Pacifica "Pamela" Casull and her guardians.Pacificas life is in constant danger due to prophecy told many years ago that on her 16th birthday Scrapped Princess will destroy the world.Story is unique and well told hence going more into it would be a spoiler fest.

Even thou it's show from 2003 Bones knows their stuff so the show is pleasing to watch and animation is quite fluid

Well it's not really anything to write about it's quite average but it fitted the scenes well

Pacifica is your carefree light a bit "tsunderish" girl but later in the show we see her grow as she is faced with a lot of hardship through oyt the show.She is accompanied by her two guardians Shannon Casull a strong male lead who will go to great lenghts to protect hes family and Raquel Casull calm and carying sister who values her family above everything.

This show had me hooked from first episode till last i enjoyed it tremendously.

If you are looking for great show with unique story and strong characters look no further and give a Scrapped Princess a chance.Im Healder thank you for reading this be sure to check my anime list and my other reviews.