Feb 11, 2014
BadabumBadabicch (All reviews)
"I'm bored. I'm so bored. If i could sell my boredom, i'm sure i could make a living." -Izayoi

Ever dreamed of being the most powerful human on earth? The ability of giving absolute orders to others, or maybe be able to interact with animals? I'm sure you all have. But, despite having these great powers, three teenagers (or we could say problem children) from different worlds and timelines felt bored. That is until someday they got a once in a lifetime chance to abandon their worlds and live in a dangerous, strange, yet fun and interesting world called "little garden" instead.


Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? follows the story of three problem children with psychic powers -and a rabbit- in a strange world called Little Garden, a world in which you must win the so called 'gift games' to achieve higher reputation or authority of your 'community'.

The story itself is served in a rather fast paced way, so fast that even yourself might not catch up. Even so, it was never boring. There's always something new and unexpected every episode. Several myth such as gods from greek mythology, mystical creatures, magical spirits are presented in the story, eventhough they were modified a bit. Well, maybe a little more than a bit. The Jokes aren't something that could be forgotten. Personally, it got me laughing everytime and i just can't see it coming.

Character progression is something that is quite lacking in this anime. They're too overpowered from the start of the first episode to have a decent progression. But who cares when you could enjoy watching teens fighting gods and demons -and winning- with a little to no effort at all. You might see a bit of some developing interaction between the characters, but don't expect too much from it tough.

Graphics are quite stunning. Characters and backgrounds are drawn nicely. The colors are put beautifully. Animation seems wonderful too. Simply put, artwork and animation exceeded so well. It went all up my to my expectations, no, even higher. Such beautiful art is what present animes needs to have.

Given all that, sounds are nothing exceptional. The soundtrack of this anime (the OP and ED) are originally made for the anime, and we could say that they did quite a pretty good job. I'm not going to go too deep on the sounds, but i could say it really makes the mood. I kept singing it for while after watching it (which i rarely do). But i think what matters the most is music tastes. I don't know what you guys think so the judgement is all yours.

Final Words

10 episodes may not seem as much, but those 10 episodes that i watched really got me on a string. I enjoyed all those 24x10 minutes very much. I didn't regret those times i spent on watching at all. I even rewatched it. Why? Because, umm ,you know, ITS SO AWESOME. I hereby highly recommend this anime for everyone looking for a good time to waste on their screens. Trust me. Have faith in my words.


Story = 8
Art = 9
Sound = 8
Character = 8
Enjoyment = 9
Overall = 9

Note By

Ending was left open, so lets all hope season 2 will come out soon.