Feb 3, 2014
SheasonDuerulo (All reviews)
Wow. It's hard to decide where to begin. I suppose I should mention in advance that the first season of IS was one of the first anime I had ever watched, and I was naive enough to think, "This is pretty good!" I assumed the dialogue and plot were supposed to be cheesy and nonsensical. I laughed at what a silly guy that Ichika was! And so, after rewatching this franchise, I wish to apologize to every person that viewed my list in the last year and saw an 8 or 9. Undoubtedly, you shook your head in shame and wept at my foolishness, with good reason.

However, don't misunderstand me, I'm not completely disregarding this series. I can understand the viewpoints of both those for and against this show. It's likeable, but please, don't make it out be all that great. It is not the "bee's knees", because even people of the 20's wowed by early Mickey Mouse cartoons would probably not be in love with this show.

I'll lay out the few good points first. The animation is good. When I say this, I'm mainly referring to the mecha fight scenes. This has always been the best part of IS, and it continued into the sequel. It's a harem, through and through. So if you're really into that genre, you'll get plenty of haremness to fill your harem quota. Plenty of women fall for the main guy. In fact, aside from his sister and the girl who invented the robot suits, there is not a single female in this show that does not show some romantic interest in our hero. Lastly, IS 2 creates some depth and plot in the new season! Hooray!

Unfortunately, in order to discuss the bad stuff, I have to rip apart most of the preceding paragraph. Because IS 2 is bad. It is worse than the original. Yes, IS 1 had its flaws: a moron for a main man, lack of depth or character development, and on and on. So while IS 2 did some things slightly better, the flaws were kept and got worse.

What little character depth and romantic progress from the prequel almost completely disappeared. Laura, for example, had some backstory and development. She was originally confident and somewhat headstrong and forward, despite the little attention the show gave her. IS 2 degraded her character, and gave me the impression that she was simply socially naive and blunt. Nothing new is revealed about the other girls either, nor do they do anything but drop semi-subtle romantic hints and act as comedy/fanservice tools. Speaking of which, both comedy and fanservice are reused from the first show, maybe even dumbed down a bit. If you liked the humor in IS 1, rejoice. You're getting the same thing this season.

(One running gag is Ichika getting attacked by his harem. In the first ever episode of IS, they mention regulations and when they're allowed to use their suits, because they make such a big deal about how dangerous Infinite Stratos is. Naturally, this goes out the window for the sake of comedy, and in 24 episodes, the protagonist is ALMOST MURDERED 14 TIMES BY HORMONAL, LOVESICK TEENAGE GIRLS WALKING AROUND WITH THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED WEAPON ON THEIR ARM.)

There is kind of a plot, I'll give you that. But it fails. It is more present in the show than the 2-episode plot of IS 1, and yet it goes nowhere. You learn someone's name, and her relationship to another character, then nothing else. The bad guys attack throughout the show, but absolutely NOTHING else is revealed. The last two episodes feel incredibly rushed, except nothing really ends and you're left pondering the point of it all.

Finally, I'm going to torch Ichika, the protagonist. Without a doubt, the lamest and worst protagonist of any I've seen in the almost 20 years I've been alive. Yes, he is dumb and oblivious. He is constantly suprised, embarrassed, or confused. Apparently, his hearing should be checked because he can't hear the comments his harem makes in front of him to each other with clear romantic implications. Often times he plays them off or just doesn't react to any 'subtle' advances, because god forbid the story advance. IS 2 also makes Ichika afraid of women and female contact at times, because his character has to stay fresh, of course. He also cannot win a fight whatsoever. He's pathetic. He's constantly being saved.

Okay, rant over. Basically, there's a reason IS 2 can't even average a 7 out of 10. It's watchable, and it can be enjoyed, but it definitely helps if you are:
-into watching terrible tv/movies
-slightly masochistic