Mar 10, 2009
game8910 (All reviews)
Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai (or Munto TV for short), is the "sequel" to Kyoto Animation's original series Munto. Before you wtf and ask yourself wtf happens to the animation throughout the anime please take into consideration that most of the series consists of the recycled original OVAs that were produced a couple of years ago already.

Story: The story revolves around Yumemi, a normal girl who has a secret power in her which allows her to see the world of the magical beings who live in the sky. In that world Munto, the King of the Magical Kingdom, is in a constant struggle in order to save his people from various different crisis who mostly revolves around the world's energy source, the Akuto. Munto seeks Yumemi for help to save both worlds who are in danger. The premise of the story is an interesting one, however lazy writing and a constant problem of leaving plot holes unexplained can leave the viewer confused and disappointed in the story. It is a shame since the story could've felt so much more complete if better explained, and why is it only 9 episodes? extra episodes could've helped get your story pieced together better. Despite all that the story is still rather enjoyable and is definitely not the worst you'll see.

Art: This one is tricky to judge. As previously said the first couple of episodes consists of pretty much copy/pasting scenes from their original OVAs and then just giving it a color adjustment. This is a real letdown since this creates big inconsistencies in the animation as the show progresses. The first 3 episodes are OVA 1, which was produced 6 years ago, which if compared to today's animation it will certainly look inferior. The next 3 episodes are OVA 2, which where made 4 years ago, the animation is greatly improved from the first 3 episodes but the sudden change in styles may not get on people's good sides. The final 3 episodes are completely brand new Kyoto Animation animations and as expected it looks great with very fluid motion, however the sudden changes in art style might not please some people. The end result however was not a bad one and I really did enjoy the visuals for most of the show.

Sound: Something the original OVAs lacked greatly was a good OST, and this anime gives you a rather awesome one. A lot of the scores in the anime sound very impressive and gives a sense of epicness to some of the great action that this anime brings. I was really pleased with this soundtrack and it really made the show much more enjoyable.

Character: Another one of the animes rather weak points were the characters. Aside from Yumemi and Munto the anime just kinda throws characters at you whose roles end up being insignificant in the end. The main villain of the show was not that interesting, and was rather unimpressive to say the least.

Enjoyment: Despite having some issues, I really enjoyed this show, it was quite an interesting thing to see KyoAni tackle a more action oriented show and I was not disappointed by the end result. However it does feel like the production got lazy for reusing 6 year old animation instead of just remaking it from scratch in the beginning.

Overall: Munto TV was a pretty enjoyable show. If you like seeing great action accompanied with good music in a magical/fantasy setting. Then I recommend you check it out.