Feb 1, 2014
UnknownUser- (All reviews)
As part of their promotion campaign of "Go! Go! 575", Sega decided to create a mini-anime based on said title. With a fairly small budget, they managed to release 4 episodes, each lasting 3 minutes. It is quite understandable if you wouldn't want to call this an anime, but more of a series of commercials. The biggest downside is what it actually could've been, instead of what it is right now.

"Go! Go! 575" tells the story about 2 girls (later joined by a third) who want to sing songs based on haiku poems, and share them with the world. And that's it, really. After all, there's not much you can tell in 12 minutes worth of screentime.

The main characters, Matcha and Azuki, are what you could refer to as "your typical high school characters". Matcha is the focused and composed type, whereas Azuki's the over-energetic childish type. Having characters like them together is like a yin-yang combination, meaning a nice balance while keeping the anime fresh. The third character, Yuzu, can be considered as even more average than the two, but there really isn't enough footage to define her.

The art, even for a short anime like this one, was good. It wasn't anything special, but it was nice to look at, and didn't feel lacking in the slightest. The music, namely the OP and song in the last episode, were good as well, along with the background music. It was everything you'd expect to hear in a regular anime, except of course that it wasn't in a regular anime.

To go back on the downside I stated earlier: This anime could've been something. The plot, simple as it is, could've been built on to produce a decent music (idol-like) anime. The characters were fun and quite enjoyable, and memorable if they had more screentime to work with. Heck, even the third character would've been far more fun to see, as she reminds me of Chizuru from Yuru Yuri in terms of personality. Even the artstyle and music were pretty great, even if the entire anime was only meant to promote the game.

If you have 12 minutes to spend, go and give it a shot, and see if you share the same view as me. As a SoL comedy fan, I would've loved a full-fledged version of this anime. But alas, it was not meant to be. If only this project had gotten more attention, this would've been a nice addition to the winter season. If only.