Jan 26, 2014
KuroMayKami (All reviews)
Those who watched the Arcana Famiglia series will remember what became of it. The show did not follow its first episode's interesting premise but got full of "filler" episodes instead. If not fillers, al least episodes that, though entertaining enough for some, were shallow and unnecesary to the main plot (usually with a different theme each). This unaired episode is just another of those random stories.

- Story: 6
With no introduction at all, the OVA directly starts with the main male characters (Felicità barely appears) receiving a written invitation to gather in a room where some chocolats await. When they eat such chocolats they find out they were one of Jolly's experiments (the "man of Science" here) and their effect makes their bodies switch. This will lead to a series of comical events that will conform the rest of the OVA.

- Art: 8
General animation is average (most of the episode happens indoors and few or none action scenes appear, so there's not much to be seen) but character design is attractive to sight (very much like in the series). Bright and clear, pretty smooth and expressive.

- Sound: 7
There is barely any soundtrack noticeable, the opening and ending are the same from the TV series. Catchy at the beginning, then they fall more into average but still nice enough (especially the ending with its unsual starting tune). I didn't find Voice Actors remarkable, but you can have a good time noticing how they change voices as characters adapt to the new person in each body.

- Character: 6
In the whole series there is barely any character development, so what could you expect from a short OVA? Each character's peculiarities are highlighted as they try to act like somebody else, but that's all there is to it.

- Enjoyment: 7
As random as the episode is, a couple of scenes are uninteresting and almost boring, but the body exchange creates lots of jokes and amusing moments that you can find quite funny if you are in a good mood.

- Overall: 6.8
In contrast to the series, this OVA is not pretentious at all: that's clear from the beginning and it doesn't promise you more than you will have. Do not expect a new and definite ending to the series, a serious plot development or anything meaningful at all. If there was something in Arcana Famiglia that you liked, or you just feel like having a nice time watching something silly then this might be a good choice for you. If not, there are better things for you to see.