Jan 26, 2014
SwamiJesus (All reviews)
This is an average highschool romance story. The twist? The main character is repulsive, and intends to stay this way. Otherwise, the series is quite lackluster, and frankly did nothing that stands out in my mind to make it very enjoyable.

Story (7/10):
Hikigaya is a die-hard introvert who enters high school that is 100% uninterested in forming a relationship. The plot revolves around him joining the Volunteer Service Club and meeting it's two members, Yui and Yukino. A love interest develops between both, but doesn't get very far due to Hikigaya's nature.

His adventures constantly involve him being the bad guy, and while there were a few good moments, they were never very outstanding.

Art (6/10):
The animation was not an eyesore, but it was frankly rather mediocre. It's a bit clear that not too much attention was given to the illustration, although the viewer (probably) won't be bothered too much by this.

Sound (7/10):
If I take anything from this series, it's the opening track. I loved that song. Otherwise, the soundtrack isn't anything to brag about.

Character (5/10):
The characters are the very definition of flat; they stuck to their natures 100% of the time and each fulfilled a trite, overdone archetype: the outcast, the floozy girl, the ice-queen, etc. I felt like there could have been more to Yukino's character that lie underneath her surface, but the series did little to explore this.

The decision to make Hikigaya an unlikable outcast was not the most original choice, and it certainly wasn't the best. He constantly makes a deliberate attempt to make people hate him, and while I recognize this fact, it still bothers me to the point where I cannot care for him.

Enjoyment (5/10):
It calls itself a romantic comedy, but I didn't find myself laughing very much. On top of this, at no point would I consider this series' attempt at humor outstanding of another. I also didn't care much for the romantic part, or at least what passed for it since Hikigaya rejects all notion of it.

Overall (5/10):
I came out of this series with few fond memories for it. While opinions may differ on its humorous and light-hearted nature, few can deny that it is rather shallow. If you enjoy a simple, shits-and-giggles anime to watch, you may consider this. If you're looking for something with depth, continue your search.