Nov 13, 2007
Archaeon (All reviews)
Now here's an unusual anime concept.

I wasn't too sure what to expect from this series as the conecpt seemed a little unusual for an anime - the story not being about angels or gods dealing with humans, but rather the son of god learning what it means to be human.

The show is well written and moves along at a nice pace. The story itself is quite intruiging, and the main characters develop quite well throughout the show.I especially enjoyed the fact that the show evolved to include darker themes towards the end

The animation is of a very high standard, and the opening music is a very catchy rock/pop tune.

Overall this is a nice series that develops the characters well. It gets a little dark towards the end of the series, but this is done very effectively.

This is an enjoyable show to watch and I would recommend this to fans of Chrno Crusade, Ah! Megami-sama, Pita-ten, etc.