Jan 18, 2014
MsBlinou (All reviews)
When I first bought the Hyrule Historia book, I had no idea that there was a manga hidden in the back. Once I read it (after completing Skyward Sword, because this manga is a companion to read once you finish the game) I was surprised at how much I liked it.
The story is a prelude to the story of the video game, Skyward Sword, and it does a great job explaining the history of the goddess Hilya and the legendary hero Link (who every incarnation of Link and Zelda derive from in the series). It gives a story to enjoy that ties into the game and gives a broader understanding of how the series started.
The art is beautiful and while it isn't similar to the style of any of the games, it is an interesting take on the series. The detail of the outfits and characters is top notch and extremely nice to look at.
Overall I feel like this manga lived up to the story it portrayed and is a great little one shot that any Zelda fan (who has already beaten Skyward Sword) would enjoy.