Jan 17, 2014
jayjaybernil (All reviews)
Being a huge monogatari series fan, I decided to write my first review about it and I chose Nekomonogatari: Kuro. Even before it was subbed, I already watched it out of excitement and it did not disappointment.

The story is great. It is one of the main strength of the series. This part is before the start of the first series and we learned the past of Hanekawa and how she met oddity. The story is great because it made us realize that Hanekawa is not perfect and also susceptible to emotions.

The art is the other main strength. I watched this series because of the way they show the art. It is not the normal one and it fits perfectly with the settings of the story. It uses the same style of art from bakemonogatari and nisemonogatari.

The sound is awesome. It really gives the viewer the right feel for the scenes that gives a very good viewing experience. The opening and ending themes are also great.

The story is mostly about Hanekawa. Koyomi showing different emotions and reactions to different situation but in the end, he's the same common protagonist that saves the girl in the end.

I watched this during the season that is usually joyful. Even though the story is far from that, i find the episodes enjoyable.

This is a must watch for Bakemonogatari series fan as it gives back story of Hanekawa and I'm sure you will find this enjoyable and worthwhile.