Jan 17, 2014
angelsreview (All reviews)
The main concept of this show is that this guy just wants to rape girls and he ends up trying to pick between two girls to rape, one being his high school sweetheart. Then we also have the cute little Lolita who he wants to fuck as well though I think that’s more along the lines of spite rather then any actual reason for it. I keep calling her Lolita but really she is just a woman with the face of a kid and a body that is much more mature with normal shaped breasts.

The artwork is rather alright, actually a bit higher on the chart of hentai then some of the others I have seen. The art is crisp, the movements are fluid, and the character designs are actually interesting and very proportional for the most part. The problem I had was if it was a hantai, why are they pixelating a lot of the stuff? I mean, you would think that they wouldn’t do that when they are actually trying to show sex, right? And even while they are pixelating that ‘item’, they will add little faces and arms to it that weren’t pixilated. There are also times that they pixelate something that isn’t anything sexual, just looks a little phallic. In fact, they pixelate a treat that is meant for kids.

The ending music was not that bad actually, sounding rather low key and nice but it was the only music I could actually hear. The rest was rather good sounding voices when they talked but the sexual parts were bland. I watched the sub and so when reading it, it was pretty much what you would expect, a lot of sexual lingo and perverted speaking. The script sounds deep when the characters talk but the words they are saying are anything but deep.

It’s a good one for getting off and but if your looking for story, good luck with that. This one is just another normal hentai with no story. I still hope to find a rather sweet story that does not involve the guy fucking the girl every 5 seconds.