Mar 3, 2009
emeraldglass (All reviews)
I would’ve given a 10/10 if I could rate the seiyuu cast but alas, such great talents are wasted on the pointless and plot-less anime.
As a yaoi/shounen-ai fan, the sound of 5 bishounens cross dressing in a play based on one of my favourite childhood books was really appealing. I was lured to this anime through the false impression of its seemingly decent art, the seiyuu cast and a promising plot.
The synopsis written for this anime could only be applied for the very end of first ova as the entire ova was just an introduction of the characters and nothing much else. The second ova was again about absolutely nothing. Only snippets of the play rehearsal were shown. Then it got even more pathetic when the anime tried to add a twist in the last 15min, desperately hoping to engage the viewers and failed miserably.
This anime was a waste of time and I only finished watching it out of obligation to the precious megabytes I’ve wasted by downloading it.