Jan 13, 2014
acecards (All reviews)
from the creator of onepunch man, mob psycho 100 is a manga which epicness and fun is only rivalized with it's awful art

the way that one can go to a simple and great gag manga to a story of epic proportions while still mantaining it's fun is simply amazing, it's a must read

yeah a 5 year old can draw better than ONE, but it meshes quite well with the style of story, people that discovered this gem by reading only the redrawed version of onepunch man can find the art offputting

they are quite original mostly, some stereotypes here or there played for laughs

i read over 90 manga but i can count in my hand the series that i enjoyed quite as much as mob READ IT

if you're a guy that doesn't care much about art to enjoy a great funny story this one is a must