Jan 12, 2014
Jayex (All reviews)
Harumi Chihiro does it again. From "Velvet Kiss" to "Come Come Vanilla!" Harumi Chihiro delivers with her marriage between plot and harem/ecchi, to portray a young man, Kaji Rikou, who is confronted with a "monstergirl" named Vanilla and her master, Ibu Kiriko, with whom he (once upon a long time ago) made a promise to marry.

Here, the house-handy Rikou meets the anything-but-domestic Kiriko and Vanilla. Armed with his house-working skills and a scent that seduces all things animal, Rikou must confront Kiriko and the promise he made head on. The only problem is, he doesn't remember a thing! Comedy ensues as Kiriko and Vanilla hit on Rikou as he deals with his problems.

Harumi Chihiro's art is perhaps one of the top reasons to read this. Not only is it visually satisfying (while not delving into H) it is also very well drawn as a whole. From the background to the characters, not one thing is left lacking.

As for the actual story, the story is not as hot as the art. While better than most atypical harem/ecchi, it is by no means Stellar. Compared to her earlier work, Velvet Kiss, this manga by far has a much simpler plot and focuses on day-to-day life and all out comedy on the whole.

The characters are not very memorable. That is, except Vanilla. Of all the characters, Vanilla is really the only one who has shown considerable development. Being part animal, she relies mostly on her instincts and the things that she already knows (not much.) Although later on she really develops as a character and the transition in itself is beautiful to observe *and so is she!

Overall excellent work. What else would you expect from Harumi Chihiro? Read one work of hers and it will not disappoint, especially if this stuff is your cup of tea.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars for this highly under read and underrated work.