Jan 7, 2014
I'll (Manga) add (All reviews)
Agnusogi (All reviews)
This manga begin well, but it explodes with the last numbers! In the story, the basket isn't the predominant part, but in the last numbers this sport become very important. The last part touch me, it's very power.
Besides the basket, in the story we can see the life of characters. They have difficulty, and they seach to exceed these. The story has very comic scenes.
The characters are great! Each one is very characterized.
Akane Tachibana, the main character, it's incredible. It's over the top, but it's also very human(especially in the last numbers).
The design is fantastic! Hiroyuki Asada is a great artist. The line is soft and delicate.
In conclusion, this is a great manga. I reccomend you all, especially If you like sport and comedy.