Jan 5, 2014
yaywalter (All reviews)
If you were to look up "mindfuck" in the dictionary, the dictionary woud bitchslap you into a coma then proceed to surgically insert The End of Evangelion DVD straight into your brain.

Let's break this thing down by category:

Story - The twisted film conclusion to the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, meant to take the place of the final two episodes. Is the conclusion good? If you like a good mindfuck, nay, mindrape, then yes. It is the pinnacle of excellence in this regard, as it is quite possibly the most psychotic film you are ever likely to see, anime or otherwise.

Art - If you like the style of NGE, then you'll be having eyegasms over this film. The animation especially is quite nice. Mitsuo Iso's "full limited" animation style makes Asuka's final battle one of the most visceral action sequences in anime to date.

Music - A soundtrack of the caliber of FLCL or Cowboy Bebop, but in the span of a single film. Or in other words, you'll be having nonstop eargasms in addition to the eyegasms. The highlights are 身代わりの侵入, 空しき流れ, Thanatos - If I Can't Be Yours, Komm Susser Tod, 不安との密月, and 閉塞の拡大. Truly an outstanding soundtrack by Shiro Sagisu, which he has been trying (and failing) to match with the soundtracks for the Rebuild of Evangelion films, which are still amazing in their own right.

Characters - Exquisitely messed up in all the right ways. But you should already know that from the TV series, right?

Voice Acting (dub) - Overall a solid dub despite a tiny bit of cheesiness in some of the lines and their deliveries. Alison Keith is definitely the superstar here, as she delivers one of the best voice acting performances of all time with Misato's final scene. Truly great stuff.

Enjoyment - If all of the above sounds good to you, then 10/10. Otherwise... you might want to steer clear.

Overall, my favorite film of all time... well, maybe tied with 2001: A Space Odyssey.