Jan 1, 2014
maru-kun (All reviews)
Samenai Yume is very unique and in my opinion, flowed in a good direction. The story wasn’t to simple or complex, it was sort of in between those two. It started out suspenseful and the end was kind of confusing, and honestly I feel like this would be better if it were longer. Now, the characters weren’t what you’d call special. The personalities are used often, but it does not ruin the manga or make it any less interesting. This is because the other characters make each others personalities stand out in a way to me and the way the art is also makes the characters that need to stand out, stand out. The way it’s drawn is better than most yaoi manga I’ve seen. The art also shows off personalities and emotions of the characters. The panels also helped with this I think, but I’m not all confident on that thought.

(my enjoyment)
I’ve been looking for a horror yaoi for so long so I’ve actually reread this a couple of times already. It kind of is disappointing that this is only 2 chapters. I think it has the potential to be at least 5 chapters long because I don't think there are many manga like this. But, overall this manga is well made. I'm sure I will remember this manga for a while and re-read it a lot more. Again, I really like Samenai Yume and hope there will be more manga like this one. ( I’m not good at this. Gomen)