Dec 30, 2013
Crypticle (All reviews)
First of all, let me just say this. Don't judge this anime by the synopsis and its current rating.

when i first read the synopsis for this anime and saw the rating i thought it would be a show full of of drama surrounding the main character so i ignored it. But i was bored and this show was the second most seeded anime on the website i use so i downloaded it.

Now, i plan to continue on watching this anime because of how good it was. The main character, Amane Todoroki, Has so much potential to develop with the story and the general idea of the story is very interesting. Hovever i cant say much as i have only watched the first episode.

The main idea around this series is about genetically evolved beings who were born with powers, such as super human strength, telekinesis, teleporting and other abilities which can either be used for good or bad which piqued my interest right from the very start because of how much i love stories involving heroes and villians. Now as i said you cant judge a show by its first episode, but i will be looking forward to the next episode.

So give it it try. Not everyone like this type of genre, but if you do then its worth the watch