Dec 30, 2013
PMKnows (All reviews)
When the second season of Infinite Stratos was first announced, I couldn't wait for it to come out. The first two episodes were fine, but from there on it just went downhill.

Story (5/10): The first season of Infinite Stratos helps to put in place most of the characters seen in Season 2. At least back then, there was something to be achieved, unlike this continuation of a series. Aside from the fact that there is a bare minimum of what a "plot" there is, the MAIN flaw would have to be how there is this "alternation" between plot and no plot every alternate episode. For example, one whole episode would be spent showing how the girls chase Ichika around, and at the last few minutes RIGHT before the credits when Ichika is alone, he gets ambushed by the enemy. And of course, the next whole episode after that is spent resolving the issue. This definitely wasn't the case in the first season, where there was somewhat a blend between the two in each episode.

Art & Sound (8/10): Not much to point out here. Since the first season I was always a fan of how the characters were drawn and how they looked. For the soundtrack I prefer the opening and ending song of the first season as compared to this.

Character (5/10): Pretty much no character development at all. Ichika is still dense as hell, like all main characters in all harem type shows. The original 5 girls from the first season are even more clingy to him this time, but with the addition of 2 more girls into the harem and slight personality changes in a few of them as the episodes progress.

Enjoyment (7/10): Even though this anime is FILLED with flaws, I still enjoyed certain parts of it, laughing at how absurd some of the scenes are (those which are certainly not possible/probrable in real life). One thing is for sure though, the ending was a letdown since it wasn't a good one anyway.

Overall (7/10): Giving it a 7/10 is really kind of stretching it, when compared to the many other masterpieces out there. Would I recommend this to the people who finished the first season? Not really. It isn't much of a sequel anyways.