Dec 27, 2013
Tyrel (All reviews)
With this movie, Gintama has reached even greater heights. Compared to the previous movie, Gintama: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya isn't a retelling of an arc, but a story of Gin's past. Many fans throughout the Gintama franchise have always wanted an arc focusing about Gin's past during the Joui War, and now we get it. As a Gintama fan, you will definitely want to watch this movie about his past and how he tries to cope about what is to come of him.

The movie begins a bit slow at start and this is due to the "Movie Thief" character. While Odd Jobs are working in a theater for some money, the Movie Thief himself starts doing the obvious; filming illegally. As the long discussion goes with Gin and the Movie Thief about right and wrong, the producers decide to add in some jokes for the viewers to enjoy, by putting tons of laughs into it for the viewers. Is that all this Movie Thief is though? Is he just there to film illegally? Or maybe his role is more significant than we may think. But I thought this movie was about his past, not them working at a theater... Guess you'll just have to watch!

One would think that the way the producers would portray this movie is by showing his past... Well of course they're going to show his past, but the producers decide to use a theme we're all used to seeing now, and that is "Time-travel." To be honest, I was a bit surprised by seeing this, since I just recently watched the Steins;Gate movie and didn't think that Gintama would also use this type of theme. Though, as we all know, time-travel is a commonly seen thing in shows and that of movies. Some could say that the movie is pretty predictable, but that's for you to decide; I didn't think it was.

The one thing I could say that I was disappointed by was the fact that there was little to no development on the future selves. All we know is that the characters have grown in these past 5 years and that Shinpachi looks nowhere close to his younger self. And Kagura, well... She's grown in places that count to say the least. All that's known is that Odd Jobs is no longer a group of people, but split into two groups. Odd Jobs Fumiya and the other Odd Jobs Takamoku. Wait, what happened to Gin, the leader? Well... to be frank, he's missing.

Gintama has always been great for their soundtrack, and they even used some from the series. You can especially expect some great OST during the shounen type scenes later on in the movie. Though, that's all I can really say about the OST because there's nothing to really complain about and nothing to say vastly amazing about, but it still does the job at providing some great sounds for us, the viewers

The art has been vastly improved as expected for a movie. I wish it could be like this in the T.V series as well because the fights are animated better, clearer and more colorful to watch when seen in better quality. Character designs as I've talked a little about have been changed for a few as well. Shinsengumi is no longer the police force anymore really, but almost something like the Joui rebels themselves, though not necessarily identical. The producers decided to poke at some of the characters too, by making fun of them; Catherine mainly, who prioritizes in mainly making the viewer's think of her as the troll character of Gintama. Elizabeth's appearance changed drastically... One could say he's all muscle now.

The movie, Gintama: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya is definitely something a fan of the T.V series should watch. As for myself, I'm always excited for more Gintama and still await the T.V series to return for me to enjoy some good laughs, action packed scenes and just overall enjoyment that is Gintama. Everyone who has watched the T.V series knows that all we've seen about Gin's past was little flashbacks during the war. So shouldn't we be seeing more of the war? Well no, if they did that the film would be shorter than a 3 episode long series. This was the best way to do things IMO, and the producers did it pretty damn good. Overall, the film gives tons of laughs throughout it, but kind of lacked in the action packed scenes. Though one could argue that Gintama isn't your typical shounen and that action isn't everything, which is correct because Gintama does what it does best and that is making you laugh.