Dec 23, 2013
kurokoko (All reviews)
Um. I'll try to make this as legitimate as possible. I hope no one knows I watched this.
The art was wonderful.
They definitely made very intimate and sexual noises while doing very sexual things.
And um, they probably enjoyed themselves a lot. But, I didn't.
I think all the boys are about ten or eleven and i don't think that is a proper age to be having sex with everybody that you meet about three times an hour.
What is with their boners... They get hard every time anything ever happens. Is that normal?
As far as story goes... I caught the part when they fapped, found out CoCo was a boy, had sex... went to the amusement park... gave a blow job underneath a roller coaster in broad daylight despite being ten years old.
Don't watch this.
Unless you have some sort of fetish for little boys having sex with everything in every outfit with toys and vibrators, don't watch it.