Dec 23, 2013
shast007 (All reviews)

Story: title of the 1st episode is good, on that time i only expect its like a romance comedy of a boy and a girl just like the other anime, i predict the other episode have the same thing just like the 1st episode. But all my idea on next episode was wrong. The truth is, this is the 1st anime harem i watch, thats why i become interested on this anime even the story is normal.

The design of there IS is unique.
The character design was good,

before i make a review for this anime, i watch several anime( harem, comedy action), and what i discover on this anime was, this anime have a popular sieyu
yukana, inoue marina, hanazawa kana, and hikasa yoko, the four of them was good and popular. The opening is also good, The ending song is good too.

This is why i enjoy IS:
ichika- he dont know some of the girls like him
houki- tsundere childhood friend
rin- tsundere 2nd childhood friend
laura- military girl attitude, but straight forwarded
charlotte- the only girl who is sweet
cecilla- a deadly chef

Why i enjoy this? 1st the story is good, a boy who force to go in all school girls because of he' unique abilities, And he's harem ha's been started.
Even i finished this anime, i cant stop watching because of fan service, The fan service of this anime was really good and The face expression.
If you are a harem fan, then you should start watching IS. :)