Dec 22, 2013
JustMayonnaise (All reviews)
Hi this is my first review, I hope this helps you understand how I feel about the anime Psycho-pass and determine whether or not it's right for you :).

Utopia, a world where everything is considered perfect, both socially and politically. Psycho-Pass is an futuristic "utopia" anime where everyone is given everything they want, and instead of worrying about the future everyone is "happy" and a system makes everyone's choices. As all animes, there are people who dislike the way the system works and there are "heroes" who are there to protect current life style.

The story is from a the point of view of a "noobie" inspector (akane) who recently began her career as a detective.

Story: 9
The story was very thrilling and enjoyable and the twist and turns are unexpected. Unlike most anime's that are made, this one made it harder to guess what would happen next. The story is different from most animes/mangas. The director of this anime did an amazing job to make you feel the same way the characters are feeling (similar to clannad), when the characters were undergoing depression you could really understand their position and feel bad, same as when the characters suceeded in accomplishing a goal you felt happy.

Art: 9
The art is typical like any other new anime that came out, it is exceptional and very well made. The art for the characters were really well done and the amount of detail added to the backgrounds and scenery of each episodes is just magnificent (art for the main character could have been different imo)

Sound: 9
Honestly the type of music they chose for each scene was perfect and not repetitive (that is imo). Music is the key to success in any anime, with proper use of music you can turn a boring scene (on the couch sleeping) to something completely different. I feel that Psycho-Pass really used music to their advantage and created scenes that had a very tense vibe.

Character: 10
I love the character development that occurred. Everyone within the anime had some sort of turning point that made them change, thus realizing they could be doing so much more with their lives. Not much else to say about this part pretty typical character development but I personally really enjoyed the way they changed.

Enjoyment: 8
The reason why this part is an 8 is because I felt like there was something missing from the ending of the anime. I disliked that feeling it felt like a piece of my heart was missing as I was nearing the ending of the anime (not gonna spoil :))))) ). Other than that fact I thought this anime was well made and deserves to be top 100's, but not one of my favourites.

Overall: 9
If you enjoy an anime that deals with crimes and psychology (the way people think) then this anime is the one for you! I also feel like this anime is targeted at an older audience specifically those who are in grade 12 or older. I feel this way because the terminology used in the anime seems like it may be harder to understand for a younger audience and to those who are not in the science area.