Dec 14, 2013
Dunkjoe (All reviews)
How do I put this, I feel compelled to write a review (it's rare for me since there are only 2 chapters) cos I want to make 2 main points:

1. The first story is quite whacky. I hate to say this, but aside from the weird storyline of shoujo ai that it has (like the parent's and schoolmate's part), I think that it was not well-developed. Like for example, there was no explanation of why the two main characters were together and so on. Somehow, I still like the story despite how highly unlikely the events could occur and how some character designs seem a bit out of place.

2. The second story was uhhh... not exactly strange in the beginning. In fact, it is a likely progression and all... but the ending was... bad. This is not shoujo ai unlike the first story. But... the ending few pages are... uh... weird. It's like a tsunami just went over and I'm surprised at how much the storyline can change with one panel. And it seems unfinished, or rather too abrupt for an ending to the story somehow.

At the end, I think smut would be a proper genre for this manga as both have some sexual scenes.