Dec 12, 2013
ishitagupta (All reviews)
*Sob* I'm literally bawling here even though I've read this story countless times, yet every time I read it, it manages to be a cathartic, purifying experience for me.

Dear Miwako plays the piano at a church and is slated to play for an upcoming wedding there. During this time, a breathtakingly beautiful demon (his words not mine, to me he looked like the most elegant angel!) happens to catch sight of her lovely hands which churn out such haunting timbre. He develops what can only be called a hand fetish and thus starts the relationship between these two uncannily matched souls.

The art, as is usually the case with Shigeyoshi sama, is beyond gorgeous. Long elegant fingers, faces that make you want to weep at what god has given you in comparison, and actions, expressions and gestures as sharp and on track as a ballet performance. Panels are clean and no nonsense, but invoke an ethereal feel.

Dialogue is funny in bits, touching and sincere for the most part. It invokes feelings you never knew you had and will definitely make you shed a tear or ten. Within 40 pages, there are directions the story takes which you couldn't see coming a mile away, which is refreshing and lends to high re-readability.

Overall the story is a definitely MUST read, preferably every couple of months or so. If you're feeling blue or just zombie like and want something that'll ring some emotion into you, this is exactly the anti-Xanax that the doctor prescribed! I cannot gush enough about the loveliness of the characters, story and the non traditional romantic feelings that it will unearth in you!

This little tale will never fail to move even the most jaded of us, those who feel that in this crazy messed up world, love and sacrifice are notions no more or anyone who's just been through their own unrequited loves and knows the pangs that go with it.