Dec 5, 2013
Dalphin (All reviews)
A manga about a guy who has reached the apex of listlessness (Tanaka) and another tall guy (Oota) accompanying him on his, well, i was about to say adventures but no way that he's got enough energy for an adventure. Basically Oota just goes with whatever Tanaka does, which, lucky for Oota, isn't really all that much.
Since it is a review i'll talk about Story and all that.

Story: It's pretty much a slice of life manga, so basically it doesn't have a story, but a setting. A good setting though. I'll give it a 7 but it's not really possible to rate it.

Art: Solid art. Good drawings, character designs that really fit the character (Tanaka's lazy eyes almost make me tired) and overall nothing to complain about. 8/10.

Character: The quality of a slice of life manga/anime pretty much depends on the characters, and this manga has 2 great main characters already described at the start of this review and various other characters coming and going. I've liked all the supporting characters so far even though they were slightly cliché at times. So i'd give the main characters a 9/10 and the supporting characters a 7/10, which makes the overall for characters 8/10.

Enjoyment: I don't have to say much here except for this: I am really enjoying it so far. It makes me giggle a lot and has even made me laugh out loud a couple of times. I feel like it really should have more than just 136 members, which is also the reason why i am writing this review.. There aren't many chapters out yet, so if you feel like having a quick laugh, just read this manga. Enjoyment, and with that also overall: 9/10.

This was my first review and i don't plan on writing more, but if you feel like there is something you absolutely must say of course you may.