Nov 29, 2013
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This is an unusual hentai to be honest, it broke my strong belief that most hentai can't come along with a half decent story. Taboo charming mother on the other hand was more like a twisted story of love which had sex scenes in it. Our story begins with our protagonist, Kazuhiko, who lives in modern day japan, along with his family which consists of his father and his step mother, Misako. Misako was a young and attractive lady who had huge tits and a nice ass and naturally Kazuhiko started developing sexual desires towards his mother. With time Kazuhikos sexual desires took over his moral sense of a family relationship and he decided to masturbate while smelling his mothers panties. The twist begins when Misako catches kazuhiko masturbating to her panties one day. She becomes aware of Kazuhikos feelings towards her. To top of the drama factor, Misako was being neglected by her hard working husband as he would return tired every night. Her carnal desires were developing rather fast. She would normally masturbate and put it off sometimes but after sometime she really wanted an erect penis in her vagina instead of her fingers.

The story takes further dramatic twists and turns as Misako starts getting free dildos as gifts from an unknown stranger who would also call her and tease her sexual desires. This genius caller also instigated her sexual feelings towards her own step son. To avoid spoilers I'll stop describing the story here as the amount of dramatic twists and turns blew my mind away. It was comparable to the twists Urasawa Naoki would normally present through the coarse of his famous story "Monster". Yes, this is an indirect recommendation that you all reading this wall of text should read/watch monster. I do have a complain though that the hentai ended on a huge ass cliffhanger just like the manga.

The art and animation was amazing. All movements were very smooth. The vaginal fluid looked extremely realistic and unfortunately so did the semen. The character expressions portrayed were really nice. I could literally feel the pleasure of having sex with the MILF that Misako is. Above that there is no censoring, so you won't get those stupid pixelated pussies or random flashes of bright light near the clitoris. The sex scenes are highly stimulating and extremely fappable.

There are no real good OST's in the show unfortunately but the VA's did a great job. I could literally feel their emotions and their pleasure. Special mentions for who ever voiced Misako and her sister. they both had extremely stimulating voices and it made my fap session even more enjoyable and fap worthy. I could literally fap to the voices they make without even looking at the video, yes, it's just that good.

The characters are probably the strongest point of the story. They are highly relatable, seriously.. I would love to bang a MILF like Misako all day and night. The psychological aspects were great and realistic. The characters were mature and head enough depth and complexity to give your typical shonen filled with one dimensional characters a run for their money. I would have loved the fathers character to be a bit more fleshed out though.

Overall, I think this is a god tier hentai and should be watched by anybody who loves watching well written characters, great drama and loves masturbating to chinese cartoons. Extremely fappalicious for its worth and a masterpiece in the hentai-drama genre. Hats-off to two ever made this work of art. Seriously, even works like Bakemonogatari seem shallow in front of this great show. I cannot recommend this show enough to any hentai fan.

Please Ignore any made up word or my poor grammar, it's a hentai review FFS.

PS: You should watch/read monster written by the ingenious writer "Urasawa Naoki".