Nov 24, 2013
KingsofLeon (All reviews)
So you're probably thinking "a harem where the male protagonist has to avoid girls for his own sake?" Is such a thing even possible? Yes it is.

[TL DR at the bottom for you people who don't want to read my magnificent review in all it's glory] Before I go any further with this review I guess I should state that there is fanservice here, but you already knew that. That being said, it is not all about exposed cleavage and awkward situations for our MC. I'll shed some light in regards to the basis of the story here (feel free to skip ahead if you know it already). Unfortunately for Rintaro (MC) he was diagnosed with a rare condition that turns fatal if he gets aroused (i.e. girls are the bane of his existence). Fast forward to the first day of high school and he's applied to an all-boys school, which of course is not the case as it was an all-girls school that just recently turned co-ed. There he sees a showdown between two 'dragons' and shenanigans ensue.

Story - 6

I should say that I'm being conservative here because it's still way too early to get a clear idea as to where this manga is going (imo). A bit of background on the school has been revealed, which is nice and gives the impression of hidden potential within the plot line (one can only hope right?). I have a feeling that the story is approaching its first major arc (the minor arc was good) at this point and that should let us extrapolate going forward.

Art - 9

To be honest I would have given an 8.5, but I'm rather partial to the art in DR. I found it to be very clean, simple when there's not much going on and very detailed when the situation calls for it. All the crazy moves Rintaro pulls off are executed nicely and often displayed in full/half panels. My only gripe is that there can be too many panels with white space. It's not as if Watanabe can't improve further down the road.

Character -7

So far Rintaro really carries the story along well. One of the positives of this manga is the strong protagonist. Most readers will naturally gravitate towards him because of his stoic personality and funny moments. He's also different as he avoids girls where most MCs in a harem will do the opposite. Other than him, only two (maybe 3?) other characters have gotten significant development. Without revealing too much, the story seems to be focusing on character development at the moment so I may have scored this low depending on how well the first major arc goes.

Enjoyment - 8

There's never really a dull moment and it's not stupidly predictable as you might expect in other harems. It's not even your typical harem to be honest. Well, other than Rurina (she's such a cutie though!...ok I went on a tangent here) no one has a deep attraction to Rintaro just yet. Don't worry though, there will definitely be romance as there are signs of such already. Just depends on how our MC reacts. Good action scenes when you come across them; every chapter will make you laugh at some point and it's a relatively easy story to follow. I genuinely had a great time reading it and I'm sad that there's only a handful of chapters out, but I'm sure that it'll be well worth the wait.

Overall - 7

I really wanted to give an 8 here, but this manga needs to prove to me it has got more than what meets the eye. TL DR: Unclear about the overall story, there is potential here though. Art is clean and simple. The MC is very likeable, good development already for some supporting characters. A good manga to kick back and relax to.