Nov 21, 2013
BlueBellBerry (All reviews)
Summary: The author begins the story with some sort of siege. The main character is first introduced to us as a mistaken wife of some rich family to be sold off (aka human trafficking). Her real identity remains a mystery but it is indicated that she has had no real working experience. We come to know of her real personality (calculating) when some gentleman inquires about her Qin (instrument from ancient China) playing. With humorous undertones, their relationship develops, however, unknown to him are lurking secrets that she must keep if she wishes to keep her life. And, of course, lies upon lies form as she remains in enemy territory. Just who exactly is this "master" she serves and will her developing feelings for Zhen Beiwang interfere will her duties?

The art isn't the best I've seen but it's easy on the eyes. Really can't complain.

As for the characters, I love how the heroine is very intelligent and talented and although she is slightly manipulative, she does have a conscience and strong sense of duty and justice. In the story, however, she is said to be plain looking with a nice body but honestly speaking, she looks pretty enough to me (this seems to happen a lot). Her love interest, on the hand, is very handsome, successful and almost as calculating as she is….almost ;) But there are some implications of his cold and possessive personality as well. Sadly, there has been no character development at all. Why you may ask? Because only 6 chapters have been released and it's too soon for that to happen.

A not-so typical romance where partners stand on more equal grounds. Just like the main character, Ping (I think? The girl has many aliases), this manga entices and then ignores; leaving you wanting more.

This is a historical manga but if you've come looking for action, move on; it's more about deception and mental warfare.

Side-note: This is also a novel which I found to my delight because I couldn't help but want more. You can read it here:

It picks up on page 9 of chapter 6.