Nov 21, 2013
banefulpanda7 (All reviews)
Btw, this is my first serious review so please tolerate anything that isn't the norm for reviewers.

Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga is a manga that does something that few mangas can achieve. It satisfied me with ending(S) that would leave a smile on my face as i remember back to all the chapters that would lead to it. I had such a blast and a great time reading this that it killed me when i finished it. all the stories still linger in my head as it portrayed how perfect couples end up at the end of stories. The only problems i truly had was the incest story in the beginning but if you don't like that story, then just skip to the next because all of them are enjoyable depending on your tastes, if its a tsundere type (not completely strong) to completely cuties (really strong) finding the perfect match for each other. The only other problem i had was that it ended, though some may say that it feels rushed, i believe they are where they belong and i do not see a problem with them. Also please regard my review with the thought if it being possibly wrong because everyone"s opinion is different and im just stating my own. Now on to the sections.

Story: 9
The story is two teenagers are assigned to each other due to computers that assign them for the best possible children. Damn what a simple and clean way to set up two people together and background. The main story is of course what i just stated and how they react and how they learn to enjoy each other.

Art: 9
I am a man with high tastes with art as when my horny side comes on and i'm looking for some H manga/anime on, i make sure the date is past 2011 or i just check on google images for my own judgement. This manga's art is good enough where i see no problem with it and it doesnt affect me at all when im reading so i give this a high score.

Character: 10
I believe this is where the manga shines. Each character you learn to love (expect for one minor character and you'll see why) Period. no need to say more just read it yourself you'll enjoy them.

Enjoyment: 9
I very much enjoyed this with all the guys perverseness (on some guys though) and the change that the girls go through as they learn more and more about their matched guy. Also, the comedy in this manga is a extra plus as i put a smile on my face every time.

Overall: 10
If you find the average of all my scores, i shouldn't get a 10 as overall but the definition is the not mean of all the other scores, its when you feel the manga deserves and i believe it deserves a 10 without a doubt. But why read this review when you should be reading the manga, now go copy and paste "Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga" on Google and read that beauty because I promise you (in my opinion) that you wont be disappointed.