Feb 3, 2009
Etopenguin (All reviews)
To be perfectly honest, I don't see what's bad about Da Capo except for the storyline; the characters are well drawn, they have unique and amusing personalities but aren't made to be 'over the top'. Throughout the anime, we see six different girls' relationship with the male protagonist Jyuunichi Asakura improve and we see that they all have feelings for him. However, we only see two of the girls actually confront each other about their feelings for Jyuunichi (i think that this is great since the story would probably go on for too long if all of the girls began to fight each other), these are Nemu and Sakura. The anime also shows us the past of Jyuunichi's life which strongly involved both Sakura and Nemu, nice touch in my opinion, perhaps a little bit too typical but still very nice.

The music in Da Capo is awesome. Since the title is a musical term, this is kind of a necessity (some of you may disagree).

The art is very nice, since the anime is set in an island where sakuras are forever blooming, lots of the scenes have elegant and pretty floating sakura petals. If you're anything like me, you'll love it. The only problem might be the two wierd cats Mr, ~I dont know if this counts as a spoiler so I won't write its name~, and Utamaru. You can argur that Utamaru has a uniquely charming appearance but I prefer the typical cute nekos.

This is where the anime starts going downhill. The storyline or lines are not the best (to put it politely). The main storyline is just like most of the other typical Harems where a boy is loved by a few girls but finally chooses one that he loves after going through a series of arcs with the others. The main problem is the 'side story', this is a part in the anime where it is completely cut off from the main story. It is a meaningless and stupidly melancholic five minutes (or sometimes more) of the female characters of the anime encounters. . .a human cat. . .nuff said...

Despite the side stories, I enjoyed this anime very much and it was very refreshing...since the last anime I saw was so horribly made that I didn't put it on my anime list.